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Meet the Webkinz, lovable plush pets with a secret code that lets you enter Webkinz World. The hottest toys with the coolest website!

Someone new to love! Learning and loving awaits a new Webkinz or Lil' Kinz owner. These velvety-soft plush pets are made for hugs! Use your secret code to enter Webkinz World, so you can adopt your new pet and find out all about it.

Don't lose your secret code! The special tag every Webkinz pet wears contains a unique secret code, which will let you enter Webkinz World. Every code is different, because every pet has a different name and story! Keep your code safe, and visit us online!

Collect them all! Every Webkinz has a different secret code, and its own unique personality. Even if you buy two pets that look the same, you¹ll see they are really very different! New Webkinz & Lil'Kinz will be arriving regularly, so your pets will always have new friends to play with. Collect them all!

Photographs and artwork © GANZ. GANZ, WEBKINZ, the WEBKINZ logo and all character names are trademarks of GANZ.

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